What to Wear on a Flight

Fly in Style
Fresh face, outfit on point, stylish luggage in tow. That's how you imagine you'll look as you bounce down the aeroplane steps like a jet-setting celebrity. In reality? You find yourself shuffling out into the daylight with hair like a cave-dwelling crazy person, stained track pants and more bags under your eyes than on the baggage carousel. Well, no more. With these seven simple tips, you can finally achieve that jet-set glamour you've always wanted, even as you step off the most nightmare long-haul flight.

1. Avoid Fabrics That Crease Easily.
When you're sitting down for hours on end, your clothes can end up with more wrinkles than Gordon Ramsay's face. Which obviously is something you'll want to avoid. Goodbye silk, goodbye linen. Hello, tencel, cashmere, polyester and cotton.

2. Wear Dark Colours.
They won't show up that red wine you splashed on your jeans during a moment of turbulence. (And by turbulence we mean drunkenness.)

3. Girls, Wear a Strapless Bra.
When the plane takes off, and the guy next to you is snoring like a drooling basset hound, whip that thing off and tuck it into your handbag. Because wearing a bra for 22 hours straight is like being strapped into a medieval torture device. Get comfortable. Free dem boobies.

4. Also, Wear Flat Shoes.
Not only do those airline safety cards condemn heels in the unlikely event of having to use the inflatable escape slide (and do you really want to salvage your life at the expense of your Louboutins?) but heels are just generally more restrictive and uncomfortable. Remember that your feet are going to swell up like two puffy little pigeons. You don't want to cram them into anything too tight. It's also way easier to sprint to the departure gate at last call if you're wearing a cool pair of Adidas Superstars and not a pair of stilts.

5. Always Pack a Change of T-Shirt.
It doesn't matter how many showers you had before you left home or how thick the cloud of industrial-strength deodorant is that's enveloping you; you're somehow going to end up sweating like you've just staggered out of the devil's own Bikram Yoga class. If you want to exit the plane looking as fresh as a daisy, at least throw on a clean top right before you land.

6. Layer Up.
The temperature in your plane will inexplicably yo-yo between minor hellfire and extreme arctic. You'll want to be able to add and remove layers as needed.

Bonus tip: Layering clothing is also an excellent way to smuggle extra luggage onto the plane when your suitcase is overweight.

7. Moisturise.
And then moisturise again. Aeroplane air is drier than a desert in the midday sun and in no time will manage to suck all the moisture out of your skin. And you know how that looks. Don't make us mention Gordon Ramsay's face again!