2019 Rose Bowl

Jan 1, 2019 To Jan 1, 2019

United States

Make A Day Of The 2019 Rose Bowl And Parade.

January 1st, 2019. The country awakes, still blurry-eyed and hungover from the Holiday Season… and then it happens. The prospect of heading back to work for another year hits and millions of Americans let out a collective, slow-motion “Nooooooo!”

Now, we’re not miracle workers here at Life of Riley, but we can raincheck going back to work for a day! Instead, how does front row seats at Pasadena's famous Rose Bowl stadium for you and your family sound?

""The Granddaddy of Them All"" has featured a ""Never on Sunday"" rule since 1893 to avoid frightening horses hitched outside churches. This out-dated but brilliantly handy tradition means you get to see the champions of the Pac-12 and Big Ten conferences duking it out in the 105th Rose Bowl Game.

What Else Makes The Day So Unforgettable?

California’s Tournament of Roses also features the brilliantly fun-looking Rose Parade so why not have a family New Year’s celebration amongst the carnival atmosphere on the streets of Pasadena?

The parade kicks off at 8am and the game at 1.30pm  - if that’s too early for so much fun, you better stay in bed… oh, what’s that you’re saying? You can’t stay in bed - you’ve gotta go back to work - Well, we did try!

For details on the Rose Bowl and the parade, just click the link.

In Short:

  • See the world famous Rose Bowl 2019
  • Visit Pasadena's Rose Parade
  • Enjoy a wonderful day, unlike the rest of hungover America!
  • Great excuse for an extra day off work!
Author & Events Manager
Author & Events Manager