6 Day Meditation Retreat to Assisi





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Why Assisi?

Would it surprise you to find out that meditation isn’t just an Eastern idea? If you trained as a monk in Europe, you’d spend just as much time meditating as a Buddhist monk in Thailand.

This makes Assisi, plonked in the hills of Umbria, Italy, the perfect place to step out of the busyness of daily life and into the sanctuary of your heart… Assisi Retreats is a non-profit organisation that supports people of all religions, countries, and backgrounds to live a deeply satisfying spiritual life.

They offer Six-day, five-night retreats in a beautiful country home just two miles from the enchanting and spiritual presence of Assisi. 

What Makes This Such A Deeply Satisfying Meditation Retreat?

Your mornings will be filled with healthy breakfasts, heart-centered meditation and yoga while your afternoons provide time to walk the stunning hillsides and make pilgrimages to meditate and reflect in the sacred sites like the Basilica of Saint Francis, Assisi Cathedral and Castle before returning for personal time and dinner. 

If you understand that spirituality isn’t about sunny beach spas, oil massages, and sweat-lodges, then Assisi sounds like the right pilgrimage for you… 

As Saint Francis of Assisi, himself said: “A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.” Click the link for the path to enlightenment and multiple sunbeams.

In Short:

  • Follow in St. Francis, Patron Saint of Animals footsteps
  • Meditate in the retreat and churches of Assisi
  • Walk the Umbrian hills
  • Be that single sunbeam! 
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager