Abu Dhabi Grand Prix




United Arab Emirates

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Why The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix?

The words “not to be missed” get bandied around a lot, but we’re here to tell you: in the case of the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, they actually do apply.

This event is major. Like, Rihanna major. That’s not a gratuitous Rihanna reference either, she actually will be there in all her pop-Princess glory, singing for your entertainment and shining bright like a diamond in the sky.

Meanwhile, the slickest, fastest cars in the world will be flying around the track, nudging you closer to the edge of your seat with every lap. With a race this thrilling, you’ll be hanging on for dear life even though you’re not the one moving.

Fast Cars & Superstars... But Wait, There's More.

The awe-inspiring track with its waterfront setting is perfect for hosting the only twilight race on the F1 calendar. Plus, the hospitality and entertainment are exceptional, meaning there won’t be a dull moment on the track or off it. Alongside Rihanna, this year’s performance line-up includes iconic electro act The Chemical Brothers and more.

So don’t miss out — race over to the link now to get your tickets!

In Short:

  • Watch the thrilling race in person
  • See the slickest snarling supercars
  • Performances by Rihanna and more
  • Premium hospitality
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager