Abu Simbel Sun Festival

Feb 17, 2018 To Feb 26, 2018


Why This Ancient Egypt Tour?

Ancient Egypt is full of mind-boggling mysteries and ancient wonders. Like, was Tutankhamun’s tomb really cursed? What was the real purpose of the Sphinx? Was the Great Pyramid actually built by aliens?

We’ll leave the crazy conspiracy theories to others, suffice to say, seeing these wonders in real life will leave you with a lot of questions — and an overwhelming sense of absolute awe.

And there’s so much more. This 10 day tour covers incredible sites you may not even know about.

From the pyramids at Giza to the Valley of the Kings, from ancient temples to mysterious tombs, there’s even the option to set sail through the golden skies in a morning hot air balloon ride in Luxor.

So What About The Abu Simbel Sun Festival?

One of the unique highlights of the trip is the Sun Festival at Abu Simbel. This incredible phenomenon was actually engineered by Ramses II in honor of… himself. That’s right, sounds like something Kanye West would do.

Twice a year, on the date of his ascension to the throne and on his birthday, the sun’s rays align perfectly to illuminate the inner sanctum of Ramses’ temple. This glorious procession of light is all the more incredible due to the architectural precision required to make it happen.

We couldn’t begin to describe all the amazing things you’ll see on this tour, so we’ll quit trying. Just go and book in now!

In Short:

  • 10 day tour covering ancient sites of Egypt
  • See giant pyramids and mysterious tombs
  • Attend the Abu Simbel Sun Festival, an incredible phenomenon at the temple of Ramses II
  • Just generally have your mind blown by so many wonders
Author & Events Manager
Author & Events Manager