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Why choose this Aconcagua Expedition?

Can you name South America's highest peak? No, we couldn't either before we found this ultimate climbing experience. Mount Aconcagua is not that well-known outside of mountaineering circles but this twenty-day Aconcagua Expedition means you could be one of the few to conquer the highest mountain outside the Himalayas.

Visible from the Pacific coast 100km away, Mount Aconcagua straddles the Chile/Argentina border and is known by locals as The White Sentinal because the snowy monolith rises a full kilometre above its neighbours.

A kilometre may not be a challenge when you're walking to the shops, but when the whistling wind calls your name, daring you to climb her 6962 metres (22,841ft) you'll soon respect the reason why Aconcagua is one of the world's Seven Summits. 

What makes the expedition so challenging?

While Aconcagua is not the most technical of climbs, The Andes' volatile weather, extreme altitude and the possibility of a 12hr climb on summit day ensure a very challenging expedition. In other words, to slay this beast, you'll need to be as fit as one of the pack animals that will be carrying your gear. How cool is that?

We guarantee you’ll be in the safest of hands with expert mountaineering guide, Angel Armesto - who’s led over 70 expeditions to the summit plus many more in the Andes and Himalayas, including two summits of Everest. 

When you make it home, you can add your newfound “Mountain Slayer” hero-status to your resume! 

In short:

  • See Chile and Argentina!
  • Conquer the highest mountain outside The Himalayas
  • Expert mountaineering guide, Angel Armesto
  • Challenging climb - 12hr climb on summit day!
  • Become a "Mountain Slayer"
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager