Adventure Trekking in the Altai Mountains


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Head To A Lesser-Known Travel Destination.

Do you know where the Altai Mountains are? Let’s be honest, I didn’t. Let that be a testament to just how far off-the-beaten path this trip will take you. The Altai Mountains are considered one of the most pristine, beautiful mountain ranges in the world and stretch across the center of Central Asia.

Extending from China to Russia, the Altai Mountains are a destination not often heard of. Home to dramatic landscapes and ample wildlife, the Altai Mountains is the adventure traveler’s mecca and now you can go explore it.

Why Go Adventure Trekking in the Altai Mountains?

On this 15-day hiking tour, you’ll hike past, up and around the Altai Mountains (sometimes with camel support and always accompanied by expert tour guides familiar with the region). Your trip includes all meals, accommodations, fees and permits for entry to the National Parks, horses and camels for trip support and local flights to Ulgii-Ulaan Bataar.

While this isn’t the sort of trip to put your feet up and sip champagne, it is the adventure of a life time in perhaps one of the last untouched, remote places on earth. So go take the path less traveled and revel in nature and wildlife.

In Short:

  • Experience a lesser-known and unexplored travel spot
  • Some of the most pristine mountain ranges in the world
  • 15 days of hiking accompanied by expert guides
  • Serious adventuring through remote, utterly stunning scenes of nature and wildlife
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager