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Why AfricaCom?

Whether you’re a multinational, SME or budding start-up, business is all about relationships and communication.
In this increasingly fast-paced digital world, AfricaCom believes that face-to-face is the best way to form a positive business bond. Now in its 21st year, AfricaCom is most definitely practising what it preaches, which is:

“Economic development and social empowerment through digital connectivity.”

A Good Old Fashioned Face-To-Face.

AfricaCom is all about sitting down with potential partners and collaborators in person to ask: what’s going on in your country? What’s going on in your business? Your market? How can we connect?

With a wealth of speakers and exhibitors, both globally recognised and new to the industry, AfricaCom brings together people from across the entire digital ecosystem to ask the questions that are imperative to Africa’s future in the digital sphere.

In November, the vibrant city of Cape Town will host this melting pot of great minds and you have the chance to witness it in person. The organisers have put their heart into everything from hard-headed business meetings to gatherings structured around live music, seminars and sport.

In Short:

  • Fascinating platform for Africa’s involvement in the world of digital business.   
  • Innovative seminars, lectures, meetings and workshops.
  • A terrific time to visit Cape Town.
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager