Afrikaburn Festival


Apr - May


South Africa

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Why Afrikaburn Festival?

So you want to go to Burning Man, but you can’t get to America or get the dates off work? Well, what if we told you we knew of a more intimate, more personal festival with all the style and wonderment with just as much spiritual meaning...
Afrikaburn is an official Burning Man week-long celebration that takes place at Stonehenge Farm in Tankwa Karoo National Park, in the northern desert provinces of South Africa.
There, you can expect everything Burning Man has to offer: outrageous costumes, giant sculptures, mutant vehicles and thousands of alternative life-stylers and creatives, just like you, dancing long into the night! 
This year’s theme is "Play" - because Albert Einstein said that play is "the highest form of research" and who's going to argue with Einstein? No-one, that's who. 

So why make Afrikaburn your playground?

For one week you’ll party, imbibe and lose yourself amongst otherworldly landscapes and art installations from what looks like the next Star Wars movie set! You’ll awaken your senses and rediscover your ancient roots with techno-tribal beats as you make countless new friends at whichever theme camp floats your boat.
You’ll exchange favours for food, become enlightened with your fellow earth-dwelling artists and of course, no Burning Man event would be complete without the ritual burning of an effigy - instead of a wicker man, here it is a San Clan - a San rock art glyph depicting a whole group of people. 
So if you want to truly get back to your roots, where better than the heart of Africa, where life itself began?

In short:

  • Africa's very own official Burning Man Festival
  • Outrageous costumes, giant sculptures, mutant vehicles
  • A hotbed of philosophy, self-expression and communal effort
  • Get back to your tribal roots
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager