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Escape To An Exotic Thai Paradise.

There’s just something about Thailand. The culture, the fragrant air, the white sand beaches, the savoury food--the country is the epitome of exoticism; a world away for most of us. While some people may opt for the packed hostels that crowd Bangkok, those in search of the perfect accommodations need look no further than the Aleenta Hua Hin Pranburi Resort and Spa.

Why Stay At Aleenta Hua Hin?

Featuring 23 private residences--each with a private pool--a stay at Pranburi is befitting of the paradise on which it rests. The private beach was originally a getaway for the resort’s owner and his family before they decided to share the wealth and turn the area into the boutique resort it is today. Nowadays, the Pranburi resort is the setting to honeymoons, countless weddings and much-needed relaxation retreats for travellers around the world.

Beyond its unparalleled beauty, what sets the Pranburi Resort apart is its sustainable practices that vow to minimize the resort’s impact on the surrounding ecosystem and environment. Using recycled paper, caring for indigenous plants, managing waste and conserving energy and water; the resort sets the standard for hotels around the world.

In Short:

  • Private residences each with a private pool. 
  • Unrivalled natural beauty.
  • Sustainable practices that leave the environment (and your conscience) clean. 
  • Relaxation like you've never experienced before. 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager