Alice's Adventures Underground


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Alice's Adventures Underground: your favourite book comes to life.

Of all the deeply philosophical texts scholars pore over in the quest to find meaning in this life, Alice is surely the most promising. It has moral dilemmas. Identity crises. Hookah-smoking caterpillars.

In other words, we can all relate to some part of it. Like when the walrus eats all the oysters and cries about it at the same time. Haven't we all been there before. Yeah, you remember that time at the hotel buffet.

Or how bottles seem to always be imploring you to drink their contents (and who are you to say no?) but after a few swigs you notice a strange effect coming over you?

Don’t even get me started on the tarts.

Point is, Alice’s adventures are classic for a reason. And now you can live them for yourself.

What is the Alice's Adventures Underground experience?

This is a theatre experience like no other. Jump straight on down that rabbit hole and fall into another world (well actually, you’ll be beneath Waterloo station, but hey that’s pretty cool too) where you’ll have an amazing adventure of your own.

How it plays out depends on your choices. Do you eat the cake, drink from the bottle (in my case, inevitably yes and yes)? Do you follow the cat without a smile or the smile without a cat? There are 4 different routes you can take, so every experience is unique!

Alice fans need to see the incredible sets and costumes for themselves. It’s like you’ve stepped through the looking-glass and into another world. If you’ve never read the books, go anyway: the reviews are in, and the consensus is it’ll blow your mind.

Book now, and don't be late for your very important date!

In short:

  • The classic Alice in Wonderland stories come to life
  • Incredible costumes and sets, in a magic space beneath Waterloo Station
  • Choose your own adventure: eat, drink, grow, shrink... the choice is yours!
  • Find out why critics have called it ""mind-blowing"", ""extraordinary"", ""intoxicating"" and ""imaginative and completely absorbing""!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager