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Take Fishing To The Next Level.

When you think of the Amazon jungle and river, fly fishing might not be what immediately comes to mind. The terrifying thought of Piranhas flying at your face as you smack away mosquitos the size of bush planes is what some might immediately picture (that’s what I imagine), that is until you hear about Golden Dorado fly fishing. Forget about spending hours waiting to catch some pencil-sized fish at your local lake, on this fishing excursion, you’ll be catching some BIG fish to boast about.

What Your Amazon Fly Fishing Adventure Will Entail:

Golden Dorado fishing takes places where the Amazon merges with the Andean in a National Park and Indigenous Indian Territory in Bolivia. On this seven-day excursion, you’ll spend four nights at a lodge near the Chimán Indian village, fishing rivers inhabited by two different Dorado species and other fish from the Amazon basin, such as the Pirapitinga or Amazon Pacu and the Yatorana.

As the name of the tour suggests, Golden Dorados are your fishing target as these gigantic yellow beasts prove quite the catch. This fly fishing trip runs from May to October and includes all meals, accommodations and fishing expertise.

In Short:

  • Make the kind of huge catches you'll be boasting about for life
  • Experience the wild beauty of the Amazon
  • 7 thrilling days of stalking out incredible species of fish
  • All meals, accommodation and expert guides included
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager