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Why this Brazilian Amazon Rainforest Expedition?

“Dear diary, so much has happened in the last ten days...

...I swam at a remote beach in the amazon rainforest, witnessed the production of therapeutic oils and gained fascinating insights into NGO initiatives. I was spellbound by the indigenous people and their rainforest life force, enjoyed decadent lunches on our luxury boat and visited an acai plantation. We even indulged in spa treatments before bed!”

So wrote a young Ray Mears on his first Amazon Rainforest  Expedition! Have a look for yourself at the itinerary and you’ll feel equally inspired by this Brazilian wonderland.

Respect Mother Nature; leave only footprints.

We at the Life of Riley are particularly proud to bring this expedition to you via one of the most environmentally responsible travel companies on the planet, acclaimed by the likes of Simon Reeve, The New York Times and The Guardian.

For a company to offer a luxury expedition of this calibre and truly cover it’s environmental footprint takes ultimate dedication. Hop aboard and lose yourself. Not literally of course, you’ll be with highly experienced guides!

In short:

  • Luxury Amazon Rainforest expedition.
  • Insight into culture and traditions of Amazon tribes.
  • Insight into conservation projects protecting this natural wonder.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager