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Why the American Royal BBQ World Series?

Why attend the American Royal BBQ World Series in Kansas City, the home of barbecue? I mean, come on! Unless you need your head examining, that’s not even a question.

In a break from tradition, we’re gonna tell you all the reasons you shouldn’t drive, ride or fly from nearby Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska, New York, L.A. and Europe and why you should definitely stay away from the 39th American World Series of Barbecue this Labor Day weekend.

Reasons you should definitely stay away from the American Royal BBQ

For starters, mouth-wateringly tender racks of ribs, whole suckling pigs slowly marinated in smokey chipotle sauce, melt in the mouth pulled pork, lean Texan brisket and juicy quarter-pound beef-burgers cooked to perfection are not good for your cholesterol. They can also get stuck in your teeth. Stay well away.

Hundreds of stalls and the nation’s best amateur barbecue chefs and celebrities competing to cook the best food over open-flame charcoal goes against every health and safety rule in the book. Then, as if mixing children with fire isn’t recipe for disaster, add a kid’s BBQ competition!

Why not go the whole hog and sit on rustic (flammable) bails of hay like they did in the old days? While you’re at it, why not rub some delicious homemade chilli sauces or spice rubs into your eyes before drinking endless flowing beer and dancing (falling) the night away to the best live redneck jazz music ever… shall I just pencil the paramedics in for you now?

If really tall carnival rides don’t scare the bejeesus outta you, the three-day event is staged inside a NASCAR speedway track and capped off with a huge fireworks display, or as they’re known in my house “PTSD for dogs” And as for the Buffalo wings - we didn’t even know Buffalo could fly, let alone kill you when they land.

In short:

  • Hundreds of stalls, all selling meat!
  • Have a heart attack this Labor Day weekend!
  • Friends, family, great food & drink and a cloud of smoke
  • Lose your children amongst 50,000 hungry attendees over 65-acres!
  • “PTSD for dogs” Fireworks Display Finalé
  • Witness real-life flying Buffalo at the American Royal BBQ World Series!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager