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The Anchored Unique Party Cruise is a different (Way More Awesome) kind of cruise.

We get it. Your mental image of a cruise is a bunch of old people eating bad buffet breakfasts and drip-feeding coins into a slot machine to pass the time. Now, allow us to obliterate that image into a thousand, tiny, erroneous pieces.

Because the Anchored Unique Party Cruise is unlike any you've ever imagined.

Did we mention the word 'AWESOME'?

What Makes The Anchored Cruise So Special?

Everything about it. For real.

You'll set off from Barcelona and launch straight into an epic opening party where you'll drink and dance to some of the world's biggest DJs. Set noise level to "as loud as we want because we're in the middle of the ocean."

Dock at Corsica where the sunsets turn pastel pink behind sparkling azure bays. Pinch yourself a few times to discover that, yes, this is real.

Not long after, you'll be exploring the bars, restaurants, and ancient cobbled streets of Palma, before cruising across to the party island to end all party islands: Ibiza.

And in between this dream itinerary? Hang out on the opulent Jewel of the Seas which has (we're not making this up) everything from poolside movie screens to rock climbing walls to spa treatments to Broadway-style theatre shows.

And you thought cruises were boring?

Book in now and have the time of your life. We promise we won't even say "we told you so". 

In Short:

  • A dream itinerary that includes Spanish hotspots like Palma and Ibiza.
  • An incredible, fully-refurbished cruise ship with everything from fitness activities to live entertainment on board.
  • Parties with the world's biggest DJs. Daily.
  • Ok seriously, when do we leave?
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager