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The Ancient Athens Marathon

The Ancient Athens Marathon is known as ‘The Authentic’. This is where it began. This is what gets you out of bed at ridiculous hours to pull on your running gear to get out there even before the worms have lured the early bird out of its snuggly nest. Without a decisive moment in the history of warfare, you wouldn’t be able to get your daily fix as you pound the pavement and embrace the endorphins.

Runners: More Than Mere Mortals

‘Without our roots, we can have no future.’ Drop this line into a dinner party conversation and you’re sure to gain a mixed bag of looks, from eye-brow raised incredulousness, to eyelid fluttering flirtation. Of course, if you follow it up with something along the lines of, “This was the mantra I repeated over and over as I completed the Athens Marathon; the ancient origin of competitive running.” Those flirtatious looks will become hot enough to sear your souvlaki, while the sceptical snorts from the obvious non-runner will sound more and more like a sick scooter.

Seal the deal for late night shenanigans, as you throw down facts like, “Do you know why it’s called a ‘Marathon’?” Pause for dramatic shift and draw those desirous eyes back into your gaze. “Well, in 490 BC, the Greek hero Pheidippides ran 22 miles from the Plains of Marathon to Athens to tell of victory over the Persians.” As you and Aforementioned Be-smitten Conquest slip out the side door, feel free to ignore the sorry jibe from Mr. Spurned, ”Just think how many running shoes would have been spared a slow torturous death if they had twitter in those days!?”

In Short:

  • 50 000 runners
  • 2 500 years of history
  • 120 years of marathon
  • 6 different races
  • 1 more victory
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