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Why The Antarctic Ice Marathon?

If you associate the word ‘impossible’ with an irresistible challenge, the Antarctic Ice Marathon and Antarctic 100k is right up your street.

As you gaze out across an infinite land of pristine snow and stark mountain vistas illuminated by 24 hours of constant sunlight, be sure you don’t leave your jaw hanging in awe or it’ll freeze that way!

The races were established to enable marathon super-nutters (that’s the unofficial terminology) to complete a grand slam of races on all seven continents.

For members of the 7 Continents Marathon Club (that’s the official terminology) to less experienced runners and even determined first-timers, it’s an incredible opportunity to see this vast frozen frontier in a truly unique capacity.

Not Your Average Running Crew.

What keeps you going as you hit that incline in subzero temperatures more than 2000 kilometres away from the nearest ‘normal’ marathon?

Well, a challenge of this calibre is about more than Guinness World Records and Personal Bests. It’s driven by a fierce camaraderie, the shared tales from runners from all over the world, a sense of collective achievement and the core spirit of distance running, to the extreme!

In Short:

  • An endurance race across the Antarctic wilderness.
  • Join a crew of like-minded extreme bucket list chasers.
  • A true mental and physical battle.
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