Antarctica Photography Tour


Oct - Nov



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Why An Antarctica Photography Tour?


Enduring sub-zero temperatures is actual hell in everyday life - like when you have to get out of a warm bed to go to work, or put on three jackets just to take out the trash. But in a situation like this? Who knew ice could melt your heart and make you all warm and fuzzy on the inside!

This photography tour takes you to breathtaking scenes of icebergs and glaciated mountains. And what’s even more magical is the wildlife. And you’ll be there with camera at the ready, taking stunning photos of scenes most snap-happy tourists will never get the chance to poke their smartphones at.


What Can I Photograph?

Photos of what, you ask? How about huge crowds of adorable King Penguins? Or hulking bull Elephant Seals fighting for territory? Or the graceful Wandering Albatross, which has the longest wingspan of any bird on Earth?

If you can’t exactly call yourself an award-winning photographer worthy of a National Geographic cover (yet), don’t worry. You’ll also get plenty of expert guidance including 1-on-1 sessions in photography and videography and tutorials in photo editing.

For a moving, inspiring experience that will make you grow as a photographer and as a person, book in for your Antarctica Photography Tour now. You’ll never feel so much warmth amongst so much ice again.


In Short:

  • Seriously breathtaking scenery
  • Amazing wildlife from King Penguins to Elephant Seals
  • Expert photography guidance
  • An experience you'll never forget
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