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Aqua Dome Thermal Spa Hotel, Tirol

The Aqua Dome Thermal Spa Hotel, Tirol is just another way of saying 'love' in the crisp, winter air. Love is all about noises. No! Not those noises. Unexpected bursts of song when you’re just so smitten, you take your acapella, shower-trained voice, that really sounds amazing when you belt out show tunes, while the hot water scalds your scalp, and serenade your loved one. Fortunately, they’re just as besotted over you and so don’t deign to dismiss your diva dreams. Even though, you probably sound more like a hedgehog in a juicer than an X-Factor contender.

The Peaks and Vales of Love

They say that you should shout your love from the rooftops. But sometimes that’s just not enough. When it’s the real deal, we’re talking Cullinan diamond, not diamond emoji, the rooftop roar is like a mumble in a damp basement. You need a full-bellowed, belting yodel from the top of the Alps. That’s how real your love is. And why the Alps, you might ask? Because in the Austrian portion of the majestic snow-capped mounts, this haven for romance, that is architectural eye-candy wrapped around some of the most sensual spa-options imaginable, awaits you. A midnight dip in an outdoor thermal pool while the moonlight caresses the snowy peaks that surround you. No, this is not fantasy, this could be your reality!

In Short:

  • The 20,000 square foot premium SPA 3000 – thermal springs, hearth fires, waterbeds and rock pools.
  • A surplus of sensory experiences: Steam room treatments, huge bedrooms, exceptional quality food.
  • Seductively nestled in the welcoming arms of the centrefold splendour that is the Öztal Valley.
Gareth Pretorius
Gareth Pretorius Author & Events Manager