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Why travel to The Arctic Archipelagos?

The Arctic Circle - Land of The Midnight Sun... Romantic realm of the polar bear…Yes, in July, you too can have both your arms ripped off by the world’s cuddliest animal!

Only joking - your tour guides will shoot any marauding polar bears well before they get near your arms!

Setting out from Spitsbergen’s beautiful glacier-topped mountains, you’ll cruise the magical icy world of the Svalbard Archipelago. Pods of whales will swim next to your cruise ship, Arctic foxes will play in the snow when you visit old marble-mining towns and abandoned wartime outpost stations. Walrus and seals will laze on the beaches as you photograph the perfectly spherical three-metre stones that dot the eerie, frozen landscape. 

What's so special about being so close to The North Pole?

I'll give you a clue... It's not Santa Claus!

With the Arctic sun low in the sky, you’ll sail towards Cape Fligely - the most northerly point of the Eurasian Landmass (just 566 miles from the North Pole!) and local experts will present wildlife lectures so you recognise your Kittiwakes from your Little Auks when you arrive at Alkefjellet or ‘bird mountain’.

And that’s all before you arrive at your halfway point in awe-inspiring Franz Josef Land! Before you’re back in Svalbard, we’ll make sure you’ve hiked a sun-baked polar desert, stood inside the skeleton of a whale and seen discarded trappings from explorer’s failed attempts to reach the North Pole. 

In short:

  • Enter the magical icy world of the Svalbard Archipelago
  • Perfect for photographers, young folk, old folk
  • Also perfect for lovers of wildlife, adventure and the open seas
  • Get within spitting distance of The North Pole *if you can spit really far
  • See Polar Bears, Walrus, pods of whales and walk inside a whale skeleton!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager