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Why The Army- Navy Football Game?

Forget Tom Brady, Deflategate, and zillion dollar, star-studded half-time shows. The Army’s Black Knights locking horns with the Navy Midshipmen is College Football at its best…

The Superbowl of soldiers, the World Cup of Warriors, the Jules Rimet of Jet pilots!

New York’s West Point Academy vs Annapolis’ Navy Academy is one of the most hotly contested football games with good reason; the rivalry dates back to 1890 - a time before football players even wore helmets, when Chief Sitting Bull could have sat down and had a conversation with Mark Twain... but who will be the princess and who will be the paupers this December?

What's So Special About This Ballgame?

Might this finally be The Black Knight’s year? Or will The Navy Midshipmen whip them on the gridiron for a FIFTEENTH consecutive year?

Sure, you can watch the game on CBS from the comfort of your home, but wouldn’t you rather be there, in the M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore for the last game of the college football season? It may be cold but it’ll be well worth it - I know where I’d rather be!

K/O is at 3pm on Saturday, December 10th - click the link for deets.

In Short:

  • The Army take on the Navy in a historic football game
  • Last game of the college football season
  • Game kicks off at 3pm in the M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore
  • Take a woolly hat!

Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager