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Why run The Bagan Temple Marathon?

If you haven’t heard of Bagan before, it’s an ancient city in central Myanmar (formerly Burma) on the Irrawaddy River, southwest of Mandalay. Spread over green plains, thousands of traditional Buddhist chedis (pagodas) make the ideal backdrop for The Bagan Temple Marathon.

Sacred pagodas and golden temples litter the twenty-six-mile course (42km) creating a mystical and striking landscape unlike anywhere you’ve ever run before. Serious road-runners will find the terrain perfect and highly organised with many water-stops.

Yet be warned - the hot and dusty course makes a tough challenge even for experienced runners but the Wats (temples), friendly villagers, orange-clad monks and the other-worldly atmosphere will provide golden memories that you’ll cherish forever and beat the hell outta other marathon courses.

Choose from three Voyages of Discovery... and three races

The route is relatively flat but if the blistering heat of Burma is too full-on for a full marathon, there’s also a half marathon and a 10K race to choose from. Whichever you plump for, the first 5km are run on dirt roads through the plains towards Old Bagan’s millennia-old temples.

At The Dhammayazika Pagoda (11km mark) marathon runners turn right on a sandy path and enter what feels like a different realm, laden with ox-carts and peanut and rice farmers. Half marathon contestants turn left through the village of West Pwazaw before rejoining the track at Htilominlo Temple and the finish line where cheering village children decked out in their festive clothes will make sure you’ve not taken any short-cuts!

The package comes with a choice of 6-Day, 8-Day or tailor-your-own holiday, so you can tour the temples, take sunrise or sunset hot-air balloon rides over the plains and relax before and recover after the race in a great hotel.

In Short:

  • Step back in time in mystical Myanmar
  • Choose from full or half marathon, or 10km run
  • Run passed thousand-year-old Buddhist temples
  • Let the cheers of villagers spur you to The Bagan Temple Marathon finish line!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager