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Bear Grylls Is Kinda Crazy.


If you’ve never looked at an animal carcass and thought “hmm, that would make an excellent sleeping bag!” or spied a seething pile of bugs and thought “lunch!” then… you’re not Bear Grylls. Actually you’re what we’d call normal. Good for you.

Bear Grylls is not normal. He’s swim-with-sharks, jump-off-cliffs, drink-his-own-urine crazy. Don’t get us wrong though, it’s a good kind of crazy, because he’s also inspiring, entertaining, and just generally incredible.


So What Is Bear Grylls Endeavor?

You’ve probably seen Grylls on TV’s Man vs. Wild. Now’s your chance to see something else, something bigger, better and more immersive: a live arena spectacular that brings the audience into the heart of the action!

What is it exactly? A theatrical expedition across the globe, hosted by Bear Grylls alongside a cast of expert aerial artists and stunt crew. State of the art video mapping technology and stunning special effects will bring feats of courage and endurance to life (and, knowing Grylls, there’s probably some pretty gross moments thrown in for good measure).

Prepare to be thrilled, awed and entertained — and maybe even inspired to bravely go beyond what’s considered “normal” in your own life.

Just don’t try the sleeping bag trick unless absolutely necessary, OK?


In Short:

  • A theatrical expedition hosted by Bear Grylls
  • Immersive experience
  • Stunning special effects 
  • A new opportunity to see Bear Grylls do crazy, gross, mind-blowing stuff
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager