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Why Bear Grylls Survival Academy in Africa?

Your plane has crash-landed in the jungle. You and a small harem crew of air hostesses are the only survivors. In the unlikely event you want to be rescued, could you evade man-eating lions? Build a shelter using only your underpants?

Now TV’s toughest adventurer, Bear Grylls wants to teach YOU how to cannibalise your best friend at his Survival Academy at the Nakavango Conservation Centre on The Stanley & Livingstone Private Game Reserve at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. 

This five-day adventure will see Bear’s hand-picked instructors (all trained by members of his Man v Wild/Born Survivor crew) teach you all the skills you need to survive - you’ll learn to track, stalk, navigate without a compass, find, purify and filter rancid water and forage for wild food. You’ll learn to rappel across gorges, cross the ferocious white waters of the Zambezi River and build survival shelters to protect you from Rhinos, Buffalo, Lions, Leopards, and Elephants! 

What Else Makes The Trip So Unforgettable?

Your adventure training culminates in a thirty-hour survival exercise which will see you leave camp armed only with a knife and an empty water canteen only to be trapped in a gorge – The only way to survive is as a team.

If you survive, you’ll need an early start to traverse, climb, paddle and climb your way back to civilization. There is no time to waste as if you miss your window of opportunity at the top of the gorge, it’s a long walk back to The Nakavango! If you make the helicopter pick up, you’ll have spectacular views of the Zambezi Gorge and Victoria Falls.

Okay, so the air hostesses are a piece of fantasy, but everything else is real, and real men and women can click the link to find out more.

In Short:

  • Five days learning survival skills in deepest, darkest Africa
  • 30-hour team-building survival adventure
  • See lions, leopards, rhino and elephants
  • Fly in a helicopter above The Victoria Falls
  • Bear Grylls is not a real bear.
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager