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Welcome to Heaven. We call it Beer Spa.

Once upon a time, the Beer Spa was born. Before then men were grubby, unkempt creatures. Then one day a bunch of guys were sitting around enjoying a giant mug of local brew. They'd finished a good meal and were slightly deep in their cups.... that magical time when reality blurs and great ideas are born. Picture the scene - One lad sneezes and accidentally launches his recently filled goblet of ale over his pal, soaking him in the golden goodness. Without missing a beat and while refilling his cup from the barrel alongside them, he quips, “Relax Sven. Beer makes a great moisturiser.” Silence descends upon the group and the 'EUREKA!' lightbulb flickers behind their eyes. As one, they jump to their feet and within an hour they have created a makeshift bath and filled it with beer.

That is history my friend. The Beer Spa is born. And it is waiting for you to take the plunge.

The Wheel, The Printing Press, The Beer Spa: These are Turning Points of Time.

Perhaps we have embellished a little on the drama, and the birth of this amazing concept didn’t go as sentimentally as we have described. Indeed it may have taken scientists decades of research in hidden bunkers beneath the Alps to come up with the Beer Spa. But either way, the idea of relaxing in a bath of beer has been refined by those masters of quality beer making, the good people of the Czech Republic. Prague is a city of many wonders and now there is the internationally acclaimed spa in which it is possible to immerse oneself in a thousand litre, hand-made royal oak tub. Within this bath swirl hops, brewer’s yeast and malt-  the natural ingredients used to manufacture the local Krušovice® beer.

This is truly a concept that is worth experiencing. Something you have to want to need to try. No more can a man claim to not be concerned about the vitality of his skin. Indeed the secrets of the Spa, once solely the domain of women, have been revealed. Who would’ve thought the fountain of youth contained the most loved beverage of all time?

In Short:

  • Rejuvenate in beer
  • Drink beer on tap
  • Repeat tomorrow
Gareth Pretorius
Gareth Pretorius Author & Events Manager