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Why Be At The Bett Conference?

If you're a teacher and you care about the future of the planet, politics, economics, science, tech or a gazillion other important things, then you seriously need to get yourself down to London's ExCel Centre for The Bett Conference.

Why? Well, these guys have never been more serious about creating a better future for us all by transforming education.

Doin' It For The Kids as Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue once sang.

The British Educational Training and Technology Show has been transforming education through technology for over thirty years. Without them, British school kids would be sat around one rusty ZX Spectrum, wondering where the floppy goes, instead of wearing VR headsets and putting us adults to shame with their mad tech, creative and problem-solving skills!

Because that's what we need them to do if they're gonna save our souls, right?

So, instead of creating just another brick in the wall, you can help the shape of things to come by transforming the way we teach kids through fun, creativity, workshops and VR...

If this sounds like the lesson plan you'd like for tomorrow, read on!

What's NEW at Bett Conference This Year?

You mean in addition to the 800+ leading companies, 103 exciting new tech startups, 12,000 education leaders, dozens of VIP keynote speakers like Sir Ken Robinson and 34,000 attendees including teachers who genuinely care and tech-curious children from 136 countries? Hmmm. Let's see...

The themes for Bett 2019 are based on the real needs of the education community, from the tech nervous newbie through to the cool geeky early adopter and include new 21st Century Skills and Knowledge, and SEN & Neurodiversity Areas. Also new for this year is a NEW Impact Award within the Bett Awards category, and NEW product trails for bespoke visitor tours around Bett to help you navigate the show floor and highlighting key relevant exhibitors.

In short:

  • Experience sunny East London's Docklands Light Railway in January!
  • Join like-minded fellows at education's best trade show
  • Hundreds of trade stands, including Microsoft, Google, Adobe and Lenovo
  • Transform the way we educate at The Bett Conference
  • Yeah. We're Doin' it for the Kids indeed!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager