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What Is Beyond Sahara Festival?

For your life enriching pleasure we've discovered a journey “Where Adventure Meets Music”. You see, ‘ordinary’ is a dirty word here at Life of Riley; we don’t get out of bed for less than ‘Unique’ and ‘Unforgettable’ and we don’t think you should either.

Beyond Sahara is 4-day music and arts festival combined with a North African desert odyssey. Your journey begins in bustling Marrakech before heading into the towering Atlas Mountains, through the desert settlement where Gladiator was filmed and onwards to an exclusive pool party under the stars that will both refresh you and warm you up for the main attraction...

A 4-wheel drive would be too, well, ordinary so to reach the heart of the festival you and your guides will continue the journey on a traditional camel convoy and head deep into the unending dunes, Bedouin style!

If you hear what sounds like a heavy thumping baseline drifting over the sandscape or the cool metallic chink of a cocktail shaker, don’t panic you haven’t lost your marbles, it means you’re coming up on camp Erg Chebbi and the party is just beyond that giant slip n’ slide that you thought was a mirage!

An Oasis To Fuel Your Individual Freedom.

Some of you might witness the sun rising over the Sahara as you leave the party in the wee hours, reeling from the night before, while others will still be cosy around the fire pit after a long night of new friendships and sharing tales. Equally, there’ll be those saluting the sun with dawn yoga. The point is, Beyond Sahara provides the canvas on which you can paint your own idea of freedom.

In Short:

  • A 4-day North African desert adventure, combined with a music, art and wellness festival.
  • From all-night raves and cocktails under the stars to fresh peppermint tea and yoga on the dunes.
  • A Fully curated, expert-led trip into North African culture with a western twist.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager