Bhutan A Kingdom In The Skies

Oct 28, 2017 To Nov 8, 2017


Why travel to Bhutan, A Kingdom In The Skies?

If you find yourself staring out of your office window, a hitherto un-blossomed wanderlust calling to forget your worries, then your soul is crying out for a spiritual journey to the untouched corners of the globe. But there’s nowhere left that hasn’t fallen into the clutches of capitalism, surely?

How about the country that implemented “Gross National Happiness” as its state policy?

Nestled high in the Himalayas between India and China, Bhutan is an enchanting Buddhist kingdom, untouched by the outside world until recent times: The Bhutanese dress as they have for centuries in their traditional gho & kira robes, every building follows a charming old-fashioned architectural style amidst dramatic landscapes, snowcapped peaks, deeply forested mountains and glacial rivers. 

Why are the Bhutanese the happiest in the world?

Two words - Traffic Lights. Or the lack of them! Flying into Paro, you’ll head to Thimphu (the world’s only capital without traffic lights) where you’ll spend 3 days exploring the world’s tallest seated Buddha statue, Tashichoo Dzong – the glorious religious fortress and seat of Bhutan’s National Government and the 400-year-old Cheri monastery for breathtaking panoramas at Sangaygang viewpoint.

On days 4 and 5 you’ll visit Punakha and Lampelri Botanical Park-Rhododendron Festival and Wangduephodrang Valley and visit “The Palace of Great Happiness”. The next 2 days you’ll explore Paro Valley, famous for the Tiger’s Nest Monastery that clings precariously to a vertical cliff some 3,000 feet above Paro Valley before heading home on Day 8. 

Sorry guys, this amount of happiness can’t last forever, but you can take the memories home! 

Welcome to the light! This eight-day tour of Bhutan is calling you… 

In short:

  • Spend 8 days in the Happiest Country on Earth
  • Witness customs and fashions that haven't changed in hundreds of years
  • See Bhutan's dramatic landscapes, snowcapped mountains & glacial rivers
  • Visit “The Palace of Great Happiness” & Tiger’s Nest Monastery 
  • Climb to Tashichoo Dzong – the glorious religious fortress
  • Marvel at the world’s tallest seated Buddha statue
  • No traffic lights!
Author & Events Manager
Author & Events Manager