Blind Travel Galapagos Adventure


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What is a Blind Travel Galapagos Adventure?

On this blind travel natural discovery tour, blind wanderlusters are joined by sighted volunteers and together you'll explore the awe-inspiring Amazon jungle and utopian Galapagos Islands.

The sage-like Bruce Lee expressed it perfectly when he said to his kung fu student, “Don’t think; feel”. Why? Because this unique travel experience is not just about bonding with people from different walks of life, it encourages a complete mind-body connection with a natural wonder that most will never encounter. 

Whether you are a blind traveller or sighted guide, prepare for a sensory overload in the presence of a wild an untamed land that has remained untainted by the human footprint.  

A New Dimension of Travel Companionship.

Compassion and camaraderie are the foundation of the epic 17-day Amazon-Galapagos itinerary that has been lovingly designed by an expert travel team who focus on sensory stimulation as well as cultural exploration.

For the blind, a gastronomy tour of Quito city delivers the rich aroma of the Amazon with a colourful narrative from their sighted buddy. In remote settlements, home to giant otters and howling monkeys, the sound of the jungle engulfs the imagination and in bubbling thermal spas, your bodies will absorb ancient minerals from the earth’s core, energising you for Darwin's dream land of flora and fauna. 

In Short

  • A priceless sensory exchange between sighted and blind travellers.
  • An exciting, safe and comfortable way for any blind or sighted person to travel. 
  • Sighted and blind travellers explore the awe-inspiring biodiversity of the Galapagos together. 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager