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Why Blind Travel Madagascar Adventure?

Madagascar is a natural phenomenon, a feast for the senses. By pairing blind and sighted travellers, this expedition creates a unique travel companionship and reminds those of us with the gift of sight that it takes more than simply looking at a place to truly see it. 

Colossal Baobab trees rising out of rust-red dirt; a staggering spectrum of native flora and fauna; a mysterious legacy of witch-doctors and Malagasy mythology and a generous helping of Hollywood press courtesy of Dream Works Animation, this wild island is a kaleidoscope of biodiversity and cultural traditions that have remained relatively untainted by the outside world.

Live Vividly; Feel, Smell, Taste and Listen To Madagascar.

Those of you who’ve seen the movies will have noticed a huge cast of lemurs. For those of you who haven’t, take this opportunity to YouTube “Madagascar I Like To Move It” and good luck trying to get the song out of your head! Anyway, the truth is Madagascar is home to some 17 native species of these amiable little creatures and you’ll be bumpin n’ grindin with them in person at the Palmarium Reserve, a major bucket list tick if I do say so! 

This blind travel Madagascar adventure isn’t solely about traversing dense jungle under a deafening cacophony of exotic birdsong in search of the bug-eyed Aye-aye. The Travel Eyes crew lead you down the iconic avenue of Baobabs, through ancient temples and tribal villages to the laid back vibes of Morondava with its golden sandy beaches worthy of Attenborough’s most sincere narration. 

Satisfying, or rather exceeding, cultural curiosity and developing a unique travel camaraderie are the foundation of this tour and I for one think it's incredibly rewarding to not only see such a wild country but to feel, smell, taste and listen to it’s natural rhythms and beguiling history.

In Short: 

  • Blind travel pairs sighted and blind travellers on a Madagascan adventure.
  • An exciting, safe and comfortable way for any blind or partially sighted person to travel. 
  • A deeply rewarding companion journey for sighted travellers, who will never take the gift of sight for granted again.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager