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The Enchanted Cave: the most romantic Blue Mountain cabin getaway. 

What kind of lover are you? The gentle romantic who turns to putty at the sight of a glimmering sunset sky? Or the kind who likes nothing more than to get in touch with their raw, animalistic side? 

Or maybe you're actually both?

You'll find out when you stay at The Enchanted Cave. It has the views. It has the contact with nature and the incredible sunsets. It's also a cave. Hello, primitive side! 

And ok, you could go there alone. We wouldn't blame you. Solitude and natural beauty like this aren't easy to find. 

But if you want a place where non-stop romance is practically guaranteed, we'd suggest you take your significant other / flame/person you just met on Tinder, because it's also known as the Love Cave, with good reason.

What makes this Blue Mountain cabin getaway so special?

This is not your regular shack-in-the-woods accommodation. The Enchanted Cave is nestled into a rock face in the Blue Mountains, designed to feel at one with nature. One side is all glass overlooking an incredible view, giving you the feeling of being outside even though you're actually sheltered. 

The inside is carved rock for a true cave-like experience. But unlike our unfortunate ancient ancestors, you get comforts like a slow-combustion fireplace, modern kitchenette, en-suite bathroom and even a solid stone TV cabinet. The Flintstones would be green with envy. 

Cosy up in the lover's seat carved out of the natural bedrock. Laze with your lover in the queen bed, which sits next to the fireplace and has a view right out over the mountains. And in the morning? Awake to the first rays of sunlight streaming across the bed. Rise and head outside without bothering to dress, stretching in the cool mountain air and admiring the view before bathing outdoors in the external shower. 

Now this is the life, isn't it?

In short:

  • Perfect romantic getaway for two, nestled into a rock face in the Blue Mountains
  • Glass-front cave that simultaneously feels charmingly primitive, natural, and luxurious
  • Comforts like a fireplace, modern kitchenette, en-suite, TV, and queen bed
  • Spectacular view over the Blue Mountains perfect for watching sunsets and bathing outdoors next to nature
Gareth Pretorius
Gareth Pretorius Author & Events Manager