Boomerang New Year's Eve Cruise, Sydney





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Why Set Sail On A Boomerang New Years Eve Cruise In Sydney?

Let the balmy December air fill your head with ambitious resolutions while you gaze up at Australia’s favourite constellation, the Southern Cross.

New Year's Eve Down Under is bang in the middle of their summer, so it’s all about music festivals, long days at the beach and the electric energy of Sydney Harbour where the party goes off like a frog in a sock.

A Classic Since 1903.

We encourage you to leave behind the crowds and enjoy the spectacular pyrotechnics aboard a classic sailing vessel. Enjoy champagne and shrimps as the band plays on deck and toast another year of health and prosperity. Well, you must be doing something right because you’re sailing under the stars while everyone else is crammed in the bars. You’re living the Aussie national slogan: “no worries”!

The schooner known as Boomerang dates back to 1903 and is part of a magnificent heritage fleet on which you and your friends can sail Sydney Harbour and welcome in 2017 in true Life of Riley style.

Who knows, keep those manifestations up and next New Year’s Eve you might be weighing anchor on your own schooner. Now that’s living mate, as the Aussies say!

In Short:

  • Sail into 2017 aboard a classic Aussie schooner.
  • Mate, it’s just you and your mates sipping champagne under the stars, sweet as!
  • Best seats in Sydney for the stunning firework display.
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager