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Why the Botanique Mountain Resort and Spa?

Think of Brazil and you’ll imagine dense jungles filled with strange animal calls, noisy football matches and men in dresses and women with Adam's apples at the world’s greatest carnival. But what if we told you that the Botanique Mountain Resort and Spa is the most tranquil, romantic and snuggle-uppable spot in all Brazil?

Surrounded by miles of rolling green hillsides 1,200m above sea level in the Mantiqueira Mountains, this Hotel and Spa is enveloped by lush, mid-tropical Atlantic forests in the heart of the Bairro dos Mellos, so amorous couples - beware!

This place will make you so giddy you'll be singing "Love is in the Air" and not just because of the lack of oxygen - The Botanique is a special place where love blossoms and new life can be made (not that what you get up to in the bedroom is any of our business!)

What makes the Botanique Hotel and Spa so romantic?

To add to the allure of the unbelievable scenery, the centrepiece of the property resembles something more at home in a Swiss fairy-tale than Brazil. Complete with stone fire hearths, this lodge contains a Restaurant, Lounge, Library Living Space and 6 unique suites. While outside, gently scattered amongst the grounds, 11 villas combine traditional wood, stone and slate with a luxury, contemporary, boutique feel and your very own private garden.

Botanique Spa offers signature therapies based on Afro-Brazilian and Native Indian biodiversity, history and culture, Brazilian dance, martial arts, and yoga. Facilities include an indoor isotonic pool and hydrotherapies such as a tropical rain humid sauna, or a floatation chamber with image projections and underwater sounds to bring out your inner-hippie and melt your worries away!

If you’re feeling active, activities include Tennis, Swimming, Mountain biking and Horse riding, or if you just fancy snuggling up there’s a Movie Theatre Cinema, full Sky TV package in every apartment and a million stars to fall in love under!

In Short:

  • Sing "Love is in the Air" for the entirety of your stay! 
  • Spa treatments, therapies, detox programme and activities
  • Brazil’s most tranquil, romantic and snuggle-some spot
  • The Botanique Mountain Resort and Spa will make you feel real. Brazilian Real. 
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager