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The Boulders Resort and Spa

Why is the Boulders Resort and Spa the perfect testing ground for your relationship? Because you might get stuck between a rock and a hard place. As we all know, romantic getaways are often inspired by animalistic urges to be locked away from the world with no-one but your special someone, with whom you wish to dance the fandango. But this resort is situated at the foothills of some of the sexiest landscape imaginable. I’m warning you, your loved one is going to get jealous. You will be doing double takes at the Sonoran Desert surrounds every time you walk past a window. And it doesn’t help that the architecture is very specifically designed to offer as many captivating views as possible, at every turn!

Sometimes You’ve Got to be a Little Bit Wicked

If you’re cunning, you will arrange one of the premium spa treatments in the 33,000 sq. foot spa for your loved one, while you sneak off to be with your new mistress. How can you say no to rock-star nature, with her unabashed beauty out there for all to see, admire and desire? Get intimately close to her as you rock climb some of the ancient rock boulders that speckle her form. Whack your balls around either of her two award-winning, Jay Morrish designed courses that wind languidly through her glorious desert physique. In fact, the Boulders Resort and Spa is probably one of the few places in the world where you can have a romantic getaway for one! (we won’t tell your actual partner if you don’t!)

In Short:

  • Luxurious spa, championship golf courses and world-class service in an Environmental Award-winning resort
  • 1,300 acres nestled surrounded by 12-million-year old boulder formations
  • Numerous restaurants and cafés to satiate the senses
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager