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BPM Festival 2017 is the electronic music festival of your dreams.

Imagine a wicked electronic beat. The track keeps building and building. Anticipation is high. You’re waiting for the drop. It’s a kind of sweet torture. Rising, rising... you know the break is near. And then, BOOM! The DJ drops the bass.

You feel an actual physical release of energy as the rhythm takes you over, and you know that everyone around you feels it too. That’s what it is to be in the hands of an awesome DJ.

Sound like you? If you love your EDM - then you’ll love BPM!

What makes The BPM Festival special in 2017?

After 10 years of getting Mexico’s Playa del Carmen beach thumping, BPM Festival has expanded. This September, head to the south of Portugal for a stunning new location multiplied by an equally boss line-up of killer international DJs.

For 4 days you’ll be dancing, shuffling, raving, trancing, fist-pumping, partying and of course eating, drinking, sunbathing, swimming and socialising!

Don’t want to go to BPM alone? No worries: ask your friends to come with you and don’t techno for an answer (sorry for that one). Anyway - a trip to the south of Portugal is an easy sell!

In Short:

  • World famous BPM Festival expands from Mexico to Portugal in 2017
  • Experience the world's greatest DJs in a mega 4-day event
  • A thumping, pumping, buzzing environment where you can dance like you've never danced before
  • Dance, eat, drink, sunbathe, swim and experience the gorgeousness of southern Portugal!
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager