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Why Bregenz Festival?

Seated in the open air amphitheatre at twilight on the shoreline of Lake Constance you’ll experience a true marvel in stage design: the Seebühne, or floating stage

For one of the most impressive sundowners of your life, the Bregenz Festival of performing arts in Austria presents Georges Bizet’s classic opera Carmen, extravagantly reimagined by contemporary artists who go to great lengths to render audience members speechless, not mention challenge the poor chaps who have to erect their huge creations. 

Movie buffs in the 7,000 strong audiences will recall the scene in James Bond, Quantum of Solace where Daniel Craig, perched atop a huge mechanical eye, desperately searches for his seat, having arrived fashionably late to a performance of Tosca... If it’s good enough for the British Secret Service!

Bregenz Festival: Thinking Outside The Box(seat) Since 1946.

Summertime in Europe is all about losing yourself at festivals and finding the meaning of life during late, balmy sunsets, a Romantic notion which happens to be the speciality of Bregenz Festival’s innovative curators who in 1946 parked two barges at the lakes edge in what would become the first incarnation of the now epic floating stage.

However, Bregenz Festival is more than just a mind-bending, logistical masterpiece of a floating stage, although that is the biggest drawcard if you ask me! 

Bregenz Festival lays on a feast ranging from the classics, to the classics with a contemporary twist à la Carmen, to obscure and rarely performed concertsThere’s also intimate poetry readings, backstage tours and ‘crossculture' workshops designed to awaken the inner thespian in children and your adults who from an early age realise no great leaps were made by those sedated by social media and Netflix! 

In Short:

  • Bregenz Festival in Austria, performing arts festival of the highest cultural order held in July and August.
  • A fascinating spectrum of music and theatre attracting culture vultures since in 1946.
  • Did I mention the amazing lakeside floating stage as featured in James Bond, Quantum of Solace?
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager