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Professor Brian Cox Live

Professor Brian Cox, OBE is taking audiences to the edge of our current understanding about the origin and evolution of our Solar System and the Universe... and this is your opportunity to journey into deep space and have your view of the universe changed forever by science and TV’s most interesting man!

The prof says: "On the last tour, I loved talking about astronomy and cosmology in very large venues that usually only host rock bands. On this new tour, I’m going to go a step further with the technology, to the horror of my promoter because it’ll be bloody expensive! But it’ll be bloody spectacular as well, and I hope it’ll offer people a completely new perspective on our place in the Universe."

And this coming year, he'll be exploring every corner of the cosmos, from London to Aberdeen and Dublin to Cardiff.

Who is Brian Cox… and who’s his mate?

If you don’t know Professor Brian, you must have been hiding out in another dimension!

Professor Brian Cox, OBE is a British particle physicist at the University of Manchester and Royal Society Professor for Public Engagement in Science. He has carried out research at the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Switzerland.

From humble beginnings as a keyboard player in 1990’s pop group D:Rream, through a series of highly recommended BBC science shows, Brian has singlehandedly made astronomy, physics and exploration cool and fun and interesting! Joining Brian on stage will be British comedian, actor and writer Robin Ince, Brian’s co-host on BBC Radio 4’s The Infinite Monkey Cage.

It will be such a special night, we promise you won’t have to D:Ream that “Things can only get better!”

In Short:

  • Watch Brian’s latest live stage show and learn the mysteries of the universe
  • Venues across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
  • Follow your D:Ream
  • Travel into deep space with Brian Cox Live!
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