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Why Buddhafield Festival?

Why are Buddhafield festival goers really, ridiculously happy? They’re really, ridiculously high on life and you should be too! 

If you’re stressed and strung out and have an inclination that your chakras are out of whack, a trip down Buddhafield lane will realign your priorities and deliver you to inner happiness, or at least an understanding of how to achieve it over time. 

Buddhafield 2018 focuses on the theme of “The Dance of Life and Death”. Get involved during the public rituals!

Now, there’s no quick fix when it comes to inner happiness but Buddhafield’s programme of massage, meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, permaculture workshops, natural healing treatments, environmental discussions and the best organic chai outside of Mumbai will see you well on your way to spiritual awakening. 

Be Here Now.

The festival is a paean to the divine teachings of Buddha and how to apply the teachings in our fast-paced modern world. In the hallowed Dharma Parlour you can learn, discuss and study Buddhism in an inspiring and welcoming environment, so if you’re not quite ready for a pilgrimage to Nepal, Buddhafield is a perfect introduction to the Buddhist way. 

During peak British festival season, while most people are drowning themselves in booze and Snap-Chatting dreadful pop bands, a pocket of lush Bristol countryside hums with a few thousand people getting out of their head the old fashioned way- by looking inwards and searching around until things make sense. Think about it, anyone can open a six-pack of beer but opening your third eye? Infinitely more rewarding if you ask me! 

Buddhalfield is also a chance to delve into the mythic and shamanic dimensions, explore tantric intimacy and literally run away with the circus.

In Short:

  • All ages festival in beautiful English countryside.
  • Strictly alcohol and drug-free event. 
  • Powered by sun, wind and a wood burner- no generators in sight! 
  • Wake up and smell the inner happiness! 
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager