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The Allure Of The African Safari.

There’s an allure about Africa that seems to attract travelers; a certain 'je nais sais quoi' found in the promise of truly going off-the-beaten path to connect with local tribes, drive amongst wild animals and explore African culture. 
Blame it on Meryl Streep and her performance in Out of Africa, but most of us can’t wait to don a safari hat, billowing white button down shirt and jump into a Jeep wrangler in search of Lions in the Highlands.

What's Special About The Burkina Faso & Niger Tour?

The Burkina Faso & Niger tour is one of those once-in-a-lifetime trips that takes you to some of Africa’s most remote regions steeped in ancient traditions and cultures. Over the course of 19 days, this trip will take you to the Koure giraffe reserve, mud brick mosques in Bani, allows you to spend two days with the nomadic Wodaabe people and tap into Africa’s untouched, breathtaking landscapes. 
Rather than visit the same tourist-magnet cities that are frequented by travelers, the Burkina Faso & Niger tour gives you an experience unlike any other and a true glimpse into African culture. Move over, Meryl Streep. 

In Short:

  • Go off the beaten path
  • 19 incredible days of touring Burkina Faso and Niger
  • Visit a giraffe reserve, mud brick mosques, nomadic tribes, and more
  • A true African cultural experience
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager