Burning Man


Aug - Sep


United States of America

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Who is Burning Man for?

Have you ever wanted to tune in, drop out, stick your middle finger up at the Rat Race and just dance until sunrise on the set of the next Mad Max movie? Well now’s your chance at this year's Burning Man!

Imagine a place where, every August, a currency-free Wild West city of tents, RV’s and vehicles decked out like giant, mutant praying mantises pops up in the Nevada desert. A community that couldn’t care less about ego, class, career, background or race. A steam-punk city with one purpose - Self-expression through revelry and dance.

How did it all begin?

For one week you’ll party, imbibe and lose yourself in the dust, become part of steam-punk art exhibitions, awaken your senses and rediscover your ancient roots with techno-tribal beats. You’ll exchange favours for food, become enlightened with your fellow dreadlocked earth-dwellers and end up burning a one hundred foot wicker man.

From humble beginnings in 1986 when twenty Californians burnt an effigy on a San Francisco beach, Burning Man has become the world’s largest gathering of free-spirited, party-loving, slightly crazy, scantily-clad artistic individuals. And thanks to Life of Riley, you can be one of them!

So, if you want a week-long expression of love, art, passion, living without money, stimulation, humanity and togetherness… with lots of dancing, then do yourself a favour and sign up for this year’s Burning Man. Sound like a plan? Just do it! 

In short:

  • Drop out of the Rat Race and dance the night away to tribal beats
  • Find out who you really are and express yourself
  • Steam Punk installations
  • Tick Burning Man off your bucket list!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager