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Why The Calgary Stampede?

Held in the striking surrounds of the southern Canadian wilderness, the Calgary Stampede is the undeniable highlight in the rodeo calendar.

The competition itself attracts some of the most illustrious – and presumably toothless- names in the sport, a centuries-old battle between man and beast that could earn the winner prize money of up to $2 million dollars as well as a pretty serious case of whiplash.

So say ""Yeeha!"" and get yo'self to Calgary, or Cowtown as Canadians call it!

What makes it ""The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth?""

If this ain't your first rodeo, you'll know that in addition to the bronco-bucking excitement, the Calgary Stampede also offers a wealth of cowboy-themed entertainment and no matter whether you’re a banjo aficionado, a rye whisky connoisseur or just a fan of good old-fashioned chilli fries, you’re sure to find something to something to appease your inner-John Wayne during the 10-day extravaganza.

Perhaps the highlight of this year’s event, however, is the arrival of Nitro Circus, the action sports collective who specialise in their own unique brand of vehicular insanity. Fresh from the release of their own 3D movie, the Johnny Knoxville-backed daredevils will be rolling into Calgary with all their trademark subtlety and are sure to wow the one million visitors expected to descend on this year’s festival.

So strap on your spurs, spit shine those boots and click the link to book your place at the biggest, brashest and most unapologetically cowboy hootenanny around.

In Short:

  • Travel to beautiful Alberta, the Texas of Canada
  • ""The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth""
  • Find your inner cowboy or cowgirl!
  • Concerts, chuckwagon racing and First Nations exhibitions
  • Pancake breakfasts, barbeques and ten-gallon hats!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager