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What Is The Masterchef Caribbean Cruise?

So you’re hungry for a taste of the Caribbean’s finest ports and you've an appetite for the world’s finest cruise ships and you happen to be a huge MasterChef fan? Allow me to open the Mystery Box...

The MasterChef Caribbean Cruise gives a whole new meaning to ‘dinner and a show’ as you witness vibrant cooking demos, tense cook-offs and a behind-the-apron experience where you’ll learn from the seasoned pros about mastering the dishes that made them America’s champs.

All of this and not a stuffy TV studio in sight; instead you'll have an impossibly exotic Caribbean backdrop where the sound of steel drums carries over the cays and the clocks are all set to island time. In fact, leave your watch at home, set your body clock to 'island' and tan that watch strap mark away!

A Pinch Of History, A Dash Of Nature And A Generous Glug Of Living.

This luxury liner embarks from sunny Florida and will deliver you sunkissed and winning at life to impossibly exotic ports including Grand Turk, San Juan and Half Moon Cay.

You will be chaperoned through charming turn-of-the-century colonial architecture and colourful Caribbean villages, explore miles of peaceful sugary beaches, dive and fish the cays, lose yourself in rainforests, swim under waterfalls and hopefully find your luck at the roulette table.  

In Short:

  • A Caribbean cruise and a MasterChef masterclass combined. 
  • Learn the secrets behind the All-Stars’ signature styles while exploring lesser known Caribbean gems.
  • With good reason, space is limited so make like an apprentice under Chef Ramsey! 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager