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Why The Cartagena Music Festival?

Picture this: you're seated beneath the incredible ornate ceilings of an old Colombian theatre. A solitary piano note rings out across the hall, followed by a cacophony of violins and horns: the unmistakable sound of an orchestra tuning up. In that moment, you know you're in for something special. The Cartagena Music Festival.

There are few musical experiences more moving than a heartfelt classical performance. If that statement rings true to you, then you'll want to get yourself over to the Cartagena International Music Festival, because the program offers dozens of concerts across 10 days. And if you happen to bust your budget on Colombian coffee and mountains of pork-filled empanadas before the festival even begins, no sweat: some of the performances are free!

What's Special About The Cartagena Music Festival This Year?

Music and science are like polar opposites, right? Wrong! This year's theme for the Cartagena Music Festival is all things sciency: numbers, symmetry, natural forces and cosmic dynamics. And you know who was king of turning mathematic symmetry into divine sound? Yep, Bach. Expect to hear some incredible renditions of his work. 

And when you're not having your ears blessed with the audible nectar of those awesome fugues and fantasias, there's plenty more to do. Like, attend workshops, talks and master-classes. Or explore the beauty of Cartagena. While eating another empanada.

Convinced yet? Get yourself some tickets, stat.

In Short:

  • Dozens of classical concerts across 10 incredible days
  • The beauty of Cartagena, Colombia and its breathtaking venues
  • A 2019 theme of "Celestial Harmony" where science meets music
  • Workshops and talks to attend when you're not having your senses awakened by the likes of J.S Bach and Gustav Holst
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager