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What is Chessboxing?

In the blue corner, we have the sportsman, he dances like a butterfly and stings like a bee. 

In the red corner, it’s the intellectual - whose unwavering logic dictates that butterflies and bees should never be permitted in the boxing ring on animal cruelty grounds.

If you’re a true Renaissance Man, you’ll already know what Chessboxing is, but for the uninitiated, it’s a sports-hybrid in which a chessboard is placed in the centre of a boxing ring and “fighters’ alternate between one three-minute round of chess and one three-minute round of boxing.

And what's so special about Chessboxing?

Well, firstly - never before or again will you hear a crowd of onlookers bay for blood with shouts of “Knight to Rook 4”!

Either you checkmate or knock your opponent out meaning you need both Goliath’s strength and David’s cunning.

But we’re not monsters! We wouldn’t send you into the gladiatorial ring unprepared - London Chessboxing offers classes where you can learn Boxing technique, Boxercise work-out, Chess coaching and Sparring for as long as you want before you enter the ring.

With events throughout the year, this is your only chance to land an uppercut on a King, Queen or Bishop so click the link to find out more… 

In short:

  • The ultimate Renaissance man test - requiring mental and physical agility
  • Location in London's Eastend, in Ronnie and Reggie Kray's old manor
  • Checkmate or knock your opponent!
  • The closest you're likely to get to a Gladiatorial Ring!
  • Crowds of Hoxton hipsters baying for your blood!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager