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Why Chiang Mai Songkran Festival?

New Year can be such an anticlimax - good intentions soon become broken promises and inactive gym memberships… but what if the universe dealt you another chance to make good on those broken New Year’s Resolutions? 
A chance to begin life anew, this time living to your full potential. 
If only there was a place and event that mixed spiritual cleansing and renewal with the biggest waterfight in the world! Well, guess what - we’ve found it for you! 
Surrounded on four sides by mountains and equipped with an international airport, Chiang Mai, the Rose of North Thailand is world famous for the craziest Songkran celebrations. 

Why is NYE so much more special in Chiang Mai?

Those of the spiritual persuasion can respectfully pour jasmine-scented water on Buddha statues at one of the city’s 700 gold-laced temples, lament on the meaning of Songkran (it means “to move on”) or enjoy traditional Lanna-style cultural performances and sample the exquisite street food. 
But if you want to go all out crazy… you can partake the local Singha in the 35-degree sunshine, walk the streets of the ancient moat while throwing gallons of water at tens of thousands of noisy revellers from buckets and drowning them with water pistols!

Only monks and the elderly are exempt from a drenching, so be warned - you will get soaked from head to toe, non-stop for five days, but it will be the most fun New Year you’ll ever have… in April! 

In shorts: 

  • Biggest water fight in the world!
  • Party for five days and nights with 10,000 happy faces!
  • A chance to move on and begin life anew
  • Lanna-style cultural performances
  • Sample the exquisite Northern Thai street food
  • Have two New Year's Holidays!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager