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Why the Chinese New Year Parade, Hong Kong?

Before you settle into those sensible 2018 resolutions, might we remind you the festive season isn’t over until the fat Rooster crows! Enter the legendary Chinese New Year parade in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a ‘world city’ and Chinese New Year this January is the most intense time to visit. With its ultra-modern skyscrapers that threaten to pierce the atmosphere, a dizzying array of gastronomic indulgences and charming ancient heritage sites, Hong Kong is a cultural melting pot. And that’s just a standard school night.

Add to the mix a mesmerising firework display over Victoria Harbour and an elaborate street parade with iconic dragon floats, intricately crafted and carried aloft by hundreds of performers and troupes of acrobats and you’ll re-evaluate a glass of bubbly and a Catherine wheel as a worthy New Year’s shindig.

A Whistle-stop Cultural Voyage.

Granted, most of us don’t have a great deal of holiday time at the beginning of the year but over just ten days this experience delivers an authentic insight into how the Chinese themselves bring in the New Year, combined with two of the country’s most impressive cultural icons...

Before the post carnival blues have time to set in you’ll be face to face with the Terracotta Warriors in Beijing, followed by the Longqing Gorge Ice and Snow Festival with it’s human sized ice maze, giant ice chess set and of course, masterfully sculpted Chinese ice dragons. As for a sundowner to wrap things up and look to the year ahead, we reckon the Great Wall is about as authentic and epic as it gets!

In short:

  • From Chinese New Year to the Great Wall via an ice and snow festival in just 10 days.
  • Witness Hong Kong as it erupts with traditional celebrations to mark the year of the Dog. 
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Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager