Christian Louboutin Exclusive at Paris Fashion Week


Sep - Oct



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Do Fashion Week, the Christian Louboutin way.

Louboutins are catnip for the fashion pack. You might have seen women charging towards department stores like bulls to a red flag, nostrils flaming, mouths frothing, credit cards slicing the air like knives. Yep — that’s a woman who’s just spotted the bright red sole of a Louboutin on sale!

So any fashion-lover worth her black patent stilettos would be crazy to miss this event. Not only do you get to attend Paris Fashion Week, you get to do it with Christian Louboutin.  The man himself. The maker of all that is glorious and torturous and red-soled and sexy in this world.

What does the Louboutin Experience include?

Get this. You’ll attend a major runway show plus after party. You’ll meet Mr. Louboutin himself and attend his exclusive “sole signing” event. You’ll attend private cocktail parties at the Stella McCartney and Margiela stores.

And you’ll luxuriate in five-star accommodation inside the romantic, stylish fashion capital that is Paris.

Swoon! Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out.

In Short:

  • Do Paris Fashion Week in true style
  • Get to meet the man himself, shoe designer extraordinaire Christian Louboutin
  • Attend a runway show, after party, exclusive Louboutin event, private cocktail parties and exclusive fashion dinner
  • Stay in five-star luxury in the heart of Paris
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager