Cocktails & Culinary Tour of New Orleans


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That Old New Orleans Charm Is Waiting.

There are two distinct sides to New Orleans: the NOLA of Bourbon street where college students dressed in colorful mardi gras beads stumble down the street holding larger-than-life hurricane drinks; and the NOLA of adults who revel in the Creole cuisine, classic French-inspired cocktails and irresistible charm of this city. New Orleans is a playful city bursting with flavor and jazz; attracting foodies and cocktail enthusiasts from around the world.

Why Take A Cocktails & Culinary Tour Of New Orleans?

On this private group tour hosted by Bon Moment, you’ll make the most of your visit to New Orleans by honing in on the quintessential cocktails that every NOLA bound traveler should drink. From sazerac to absinthe, brandy to gin fizz; you’ll enjoy private instructional and interactive events where professional chefs, sommeliers and bartenders teach tricks of the trade and give insight into the rich culture and history behind the libations and dishes.

The beauty of joining a group tour is to visit in-the-know gems around the city you might not otherwise find. On this trip, you’ll float away on a night of Creole fare and NOLA cocktails while blissfully avoiding the ruckus unfolding on Bourbon Street.

In Short:

  • Drink the best of New Orleans' quintessential cocktails
  • Fill your belly with delicious traditional dishes
  • Learn the rich history and culture of the area
  • Experience cocktails and culinary delights you can't find anywhere else
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager