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Why The Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix?

You devour a delectable Danish pastry while staring at a beautiful bronze statue of a woman who’s also half a fish, which overlooks the enchanting Langelinie promenade. In the distance, you hear the roar of racing machines, sleek and magnificent but from an age long ago, reliving their past glories in absolute perfection. Welcome to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, and home to the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.

Step back in time and witness cars at their finest. No pretentious voice-automated satellite navigation systems to guide the way. No computers to control acceleration and braking. Just sparkling chrome, four wheels and the road (and obviously a ton of other, less dramatic stuff)

A Race Through History

The Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is Danish motorsport’s flagship event, and it’s easy to see why. Over 200 vintage cars compete separately in various classes, and by “cars” we mean steel beasts from your wildest fantasies. Think a 1920 Bentley. A Bugatti. From the 1930s. Lotus Cortinas. Porsches. A Jaguar E from 1963! This is merely foreplay for the petrol head. The real action begins when the key turns, the engine comes to life, and the classic superstars hit the 2.6-kilometre long race track at Bellahoi. It’s Europe’s most beautiful street race, and you can witness it live, over two wonderful August days, in one of the continent’s most charming cities. And of course, with Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid waiting patiently for that passionate kiss that could transform her into a human being, you can squeeze in a smooch too. 

 In short:

  • Witness classic cars from a bygone age, raced at breakneck speeds by famous drivers
  • A perfect outing for the whole family, while children under 14 get in for free
  • Take in the sites and sounds of Copenhagen
  • Lock your lips with a bronzed beauty
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager