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What Is Crankworx Whistler?

You already know Crankworx must be something pretty freakin cool because it has the word "crank" in it and an "x" instead of "ks" at the end. But beyond that, you may not be clued into what it actually is. Well here's the deal: Crankworx is a week-long mountain biking event that's utter catnip to the extreme sports fan.

Seriously, if you love anything to do with either mountain bikes or just generally rushing headfirst downhill at perilous speeds, this event is for you.

Why is Crankworx Whistler special?

Firstly, because it's set against the incredible mountainous natural beauty of Whistler.

Second, because there's dare-devil downhill bike racing and stunt jumps that will have you on the edge of your seat (or flying off it, should you choose to join in) plus a whole host of other events including race competitions, kid's events, and even a great Canadian cheese rolling contest! (Count us in for that one: nothing makes us run faster than an escaped wheel of cheese.)

Whether you go alone or with the family, whether you want to get in on the action or join the buzzing crowds of spectators, Crankworx will get your adrenaline pumping. Book your place now.

In Short:

  • Head to the mountainous natural beauty of Whistler
  • Downhill mountain bike racing and stunt jumps that will have you on the edge of your seat
  • Join in the races and competitions - if you dare
  • Other fun events like kids races and the Great Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival
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